Nvidia CEO Talks About Movement Towards a Crypto Metaverse

Nvidia CEO Talks About Movement Towards a Crypto Metaverse

In an interview with the reporter of VentureBeat video game, Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, stated that the world is now on the verge of transforming into a Blockchain-based Metaverse. According to the CEO, the future is just around the corner, as evident from the flourishing NFT space that allows users to display and hold digital art in exchange for NFTs. Huang seems confident in his belief in the world’s transition from physical to digital assets due to the recent auction held by the teenaged NFT artist named FEWOCiOUS. FEWOCiOUS succeeded in raising $3.1 million in only seven minutes by auctioning a pair of hand-inked sneakers in the form of NFT in the augmented and real world. Another recently popular NFT-based work of art is the creative project of AR MF Doom-themed masks created by MF Doom, the famous rapper.

Apart from pioneering the NFT art space, Nvidia is also popular for deploying graphics drivers in cryptocurrency mining operations. Nvidia CMP is the graphics card launched for the miners of Ethereum. The company is striving hard in the gaming arena as well by reducing the hash power of the three most popular Nvidia graphics cards to cater to the needs of Nvidia gamers. With the launch of the all-new Cryptocurrency Mining Processor cards, Nvidia has managed to take in a colossal revenue of more than $155 million. The CMP card is a medium-range graphics card that is driven by the TU116 processor of Nvidia. It is designed to permit the CPU to control a greater count of GPUs. The GPU architecture of the card is engineered not only to deliver the best crypto mining performance but also for recouping the mining investment more rapidly.

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